Wake Up

from by Paapa

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I pray out my lungs,
I may speak in tongues, but
I’m afraid it’s done in vain
without you in my veins
I used to want everything
I used to want it all
Sky, sea and many other things
I tried to rule

but if I don’t have you,
If I don’t have you it means nothing, nothing
If I don’t have you,
If I don’t have you, it means nothing nothing

You have been asleep
You should be on the streets
You should be healing wounds
You need to wake up soon
cause without you
I’m like the gun of a pacifist
like apathy to an activist
so useless

If I don’t show you
If I don’t show you
It means nothing, nothing
and If I don’t show you
If I don’t show you
everything means nothing

I wish that war was nothing more
than in the middle of award
but yo chale it’s so much more
it’s filling up hospital wards
it’s real, looking at Palestine and Israel
war’s bill, see we need the kind of love that is real.

but it will not be found by NASA up on Neptune
I no go find you in my next tune
my money may buy me Armani and the best tomb
but truth is it can’t even buy me Heaven’s restroom
but check it I believe in Jesus and don’t believe he was white
don’t even care if he was black, I just believe that he was right
that you, love, are the only answer
sometimes I wish that you’d learn a couple of things from cancer
and spread without control

I'm standing on this lyrical podium
I’ve caused some lyrical pandemonium
I apologise to my physical audience, but more begins
cause she is open, broken, bruising, bleeding, losing
needing, healing, from the pain she’s feeling
there’s other people hungry, dying, crying their ocean’s drying
they’re trying to look for hope
rope to pull them up to help them cope
with others looking for rope for different reasons
like this little boy about to stop his heart from beating

nobody else is home, he already checked
before he tied the rope tight right around his neck
been bullied into desperation now he hates his present
and just looking to escape from his bubble like effervescence
and says a prayer to the only elohim, thinking only Him
can forgive him for this sin, the loop his neck is in
is his reaction to prolactin in his tears
and his fears have him forced into wishing his death was near

but the funny thing is, death doesn’t even hurt the dead
it hurts the people that the dead leave behind instead
so Love, for their sake, wake up!
they need you, you’re already late, no time for make-up
I’m sounding this alarm, I’m pushing off your covers
for fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
and whoever needs your cover

so love, wake up.


from Songs for Kukua, released March 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Paapa Portland, Oregon

A young Ghanaian musician, dreamer & forgiven-sinner sharing his unfinished story.

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